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Brightwell Frag Recover 500ml

Brightwell Aquatics Frag Recover – Natural Herbal Coral Dip para prevenir infecciones y recuperar el tejido en fragmentos de coral.



Descripción de Producto

Coral diseases can have a negative impact on the home reef aquarium systems and the corals that are kept Coral diseases can rapidly lead to significant losses of coral specimens in the reef aquarium These diseases can affect a wide range of corals including Small polyp stony corals (SPS) Large polyp stony corals (LPS) along with soft coral Less than optimal water quality poor lighting coral warfare along with tissue damage due to handling and / or injury occurring in the aquarium can lead to sudden outbreaks of coral disease These diseases may have a sudden impact or may slowly progress over time Ultimately the presence of a coral disease in the reef aquarium will lead to coral specimen loss It is vital that disease identification takes place treatment implemented and the root cause of the outbreak eliminated to prevent additional infections and spreading to other coral specimens within the aquarium Brightwell Aquatics Frag Recover is an all natural coral dip that will not only treat the affected coral but will help stimulate regrowth of lost coral tissue caused by the disease infection Caution Prior to fragging research the proper fragmentation procedures for the specific coral specimens to be cut to insure optimal success and overall safety Wear eye goggles and rubber gloves because some marine invertebrates can squirt toxic bodily fluids into your face when cut The fragmentation of corals has become a common practice within the hobby of marine reef keeping Fragging as it is commonly called is simply cutting off a small portion of a parent coral colony and creating additional specimens – frags This practice allows reef hobbyists to attain desirable coral specimens at a fraction of the cost or to share with other hobbyists while reducing impact on natural reef systems Fragmenting corals is generally a safe process for the corals but still creates some level of stress on both the parent colony and the newly fragmented piece The exposed areas at the cutting site are more susceptible to infections and overall stress Regrowth of coral tissue over the newly exposed area is key to the coral frag recovery Brightwell Aquatics Frag Recover will support the recovery process by aiding in the regrowth of tissue over the exposed cut areas on both the parent colony and the frag This will also limit exposure to infection and/or infestation by coral predators and make the fragging process more successful


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